Monday, July 5, 2010


While driving in DC last week, I spotted two University of Maryland College Park buses parked in front of some building in NE. My first thought was: "What are those buses doing all the way out here?" I used to ride those buses back in the Okay, I'm exagerating on the back of the day part, nonetheless those red busses peaked my interest. Driving closer, I saw in bold orange letters Charter to Kirov Academy. Some building was the Kirov Academy, a building that I drive by so often, never really knowing what it was. It stands out with its white roman looking columns, brown brick face, and lots of windows. As long as I have been driving by it, which hasn't been all that long, I have never seen anyone go in or out of that building. I've seen people use their small roundabout as an alternative to the U-turn, but that's about it. Inside, dancers abound, it's a ballet company. I googled it. I don't think I can go in there without feeling like a fish out water. I be skurred. Apparently, the school is "determined to provide the best, classical, Vaganova, Kirov style ballet training to the most talented ballet students seeking professional comapny careers". Although they've only been in business for last 20 years, they seem hardcore spawning the likes of the first Americans male and female to win junior gold medals at a 320 year old International Ballet competition in 1996 (The Kirov Academy Website) Amazing! To be a ballet dancer takes tremondous strength and grace (applies to pretty much any dancer) Watching them move is always beautiful. I couldn't deal with those mushed up feet though. No pain, no gain, right?. Wrapped up in satin pointe, smile through the pain, no one will notice. If you can't, the school does offer an academic program. They are currently enrolling 7th & 8th graders at fee of roughly $12,000 a year. Not bad considering what is in the area for private education. Obviously, the UMD buses weren't there for the latter, but the dance component of the school. I saw them again en route later that week.

-BrP (Tea)

PS: Can a person in their 20s do a split or a back bend, even though they were never been able to do it in their younger years?.....Just asking, lol!